USS Flagg Raffle

We have a customer that is wanting us to help him move his USS Flagg. So we’ve decided to have a raffle. It will be open to customers of Spruehammer Games and to collectors online. Here are the rules: Online entries will be paid through Paypal, to (the store Paypal address). In store entries will […]

Sons of Anorky Mission 1 Battle Report

Here is a battle report submitted by one of our Spruehammer Gaming Club members, Jameson. Sons of Anorky Mission 1 Pre-game: Imperial defenders rolled deployment night fighting. Eldar Corsairs representing attackers. Guard representing defenders with allied Space Wolves. Far Seer rolled Presiance, Forebode, and Scryer’s Gaze. Guard Turn 1: Command squad fires at Rangers. All […]

Sons of AnOrky Campaign Mission 1

The Orks are at it again!! The pirate legions of the Orks have pushed, cajoled, and bargained until the forces of Chaos, Dark Eldar, and Necrons have raised arms against the Imperial planet Falle. Falle’s vast agricultural production facilities are worth the protection of garrisoned Imperial troops.  Could the Orks want the planet for a […]