Power Listing: Pedro Kantor Marines via Just2Fierce

HQ: Pedro Kantor 185 points Elites: 3x 6 sternguard with meltabomb, TL Lascannon Razorback 666 points Troops: 3x TAC squad with meltabomb, TL Lascannon Razorback 450 Fast Attack: 2 Attack bikes 90 Heavy Support: 2x Stalker 150 9 Devastators and Serg wit 4 lascannons, meltabomb TL Lascannon Razorback 300 points 1841 points Alright, Let’s think […]

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Power Listing: Tau via just2fierce

Power Listing is a new article from our friend Just2fierce. In these articles he will be debuting powerful builds and explaining how they work. I hope you guys find this info useful. First off the list: HQ: Commander Shadowsun 135 points Elites: 3 Crisis suits with flamer/2 Fusion 171 points Riptide with ia, ewo, fusion […]

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Adepticon 2014!!

Just let you guys know, Simon and I (Jay) will be attending Adepticon this year. If you see us give us a shout and let us know you are a fan. We wanna get as many pics with our fans as possible to share on facebook and this page. I will be assisting some with […]

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Spruehammer Games Anniversary Sale!!

Spruehammer Games is now one year old!! We have made it through or first year of business. We’ve learned a lot of things, good and bad, and thanks to all our great customers for helping us along. If it weren’t for our amazing customer support we couldn’t have gotten to where we are. To show […]

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Iron Hands

Iron Hand Luke

Iron within, Iron without….Iron within, Iron….wait what? Right, that’s not the army we’re looking for. Earlier this week Narceron brought his Grey Knights in the store ready for battle.  Since I’ve been on a kick to dig out my Iron Warriors lately, I decided to grab them and field them as Iron Hands allied with […]

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